Friday, 16 February 2018

What Friendship Means to us

As part of our house events day, we were given the task of creating something visual to represent friendship and what it means to us. As friendship is so important to us at Welford we had some fantastic ideas and could easily work as a team.

We worked in our House Teams to design the posters. Take a look at what we've come up with.

What do you think about our ideas? Have we missed anything off?

Wednesday, 10 January 2018


During this half term, our Cornerstones topic is "Burps, Bottoms and Bile" which is all about the digestive system!

In Science, we have looked at the types of teeth we have and their functions. After this, we used disclosing tablets, which showed us if we had any plaque on our teeth. This helped us to identify if we are missing any areas when brushing.

We have also been researching the sugar content in our favourite foods. From our results, we identified which foods to steer away from because they can be harmful to our teeth and cause tooth decay.  Following on from this, today, we set up a scientific enquiry to find out the affects that different liquids can have on our teeth.

We used eggs to represent our teeth as they both contain calcium. We then chose 6 different liquids to cover the eggs with, so that over time, we can observe any changes. The results will then show us the affects the liquids could have on our teeth and which ones are most harmful.

Please come back to our Blog page soon to find out the results from our experiment!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Creating Interesting Vocabulary for our Firework Poems

In 4M, we are starting to write Firework poems based on our class novel 'The Firework Makers Daughter.' Firstly, we decided that for inspiration, we would light sparklers to help us think of interesting vocabulary for our own writing. We talked about all the senses we would use if we were at a firework display and this helped us to think of figurative language to use in the first verse/stanza of our poem.

Here are a few members of our class holding sparklers...

Some children hadn't held a sparkler before and after a safety talk they were so excited to hold them!






Please check out our blog this week to see how the sparkler session has impacted on our learning.  See if you can spot any examples of figurative language,
such as: Metaphors, personification, similes, alliteration and onomatopoeia.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Looking back and forward in Spanish.

 Year 4 have made a great start to the year. In their first lesson both classes worked in groups to remember what they had learned in Year 3, recalling words and phrases to do with greetings, numbers, colours, food, shape and items in the classroom. Each group was then set a Tarsia puzzle to solve based on this. There was lots of discussion and excellent team work shown by many of the groups and here you can see the winning group in 4M with their completed Tarsia puzzle.
Now we're looking forward to the new year and over the next half term we'll be using a story that will be familiar to all the pupils to help us learn the days of the week and much more.

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Monday, 26 June 2017

Test post

Welcome to the Y4 blog. Here you will get a regular update about what is happening in Y4. You will discover more about our day to day activities as well as finding posts about special activities that we enjoy throughout the year.